Why Colombia?

Colombian medicine is recognized worldwide as a pioneer and leader for its health services. Colombia's remarkable healthcare system has positioned the country as one of the most attractive destinations for its array of medical treatments, technological resources and state of the art infrastructure. Thanks to alliances between the government sector, private companies, experts and scientists a large portfolio of medical and surgical services has been generated to provide patients with high quality medicine.  Overall, Colombia's medical sector is known for its competitive prices and for the tenderness given to all patients from all medical personnel involved in their treatments. 

• Colombia currently has 28 accredited healthcare institutions (private and public), and others in process of acreditation. 

• According to interviews with members of the Association of Aesthetic Medicine of Colombia (ASOMECA, 2014), the sector's growth expectations for the next five years is of almost 100%. This is due to the proliferation of high-end healthcare and wellness centers that receive health tourists who are interested in different experiences, combining health  solutions with a tourism rich in culture, handicrafts and autochthonous activities.

•The Colombian offer of health tourism services have very low comparative costs compared with most countries; Especially with the United States   where, on average, a procedure of plastic and aesthetic surgery costs 30% - 40% less.