Planning Your Trip

Luxe Medical Concierge will be there for you through every step of your journey to help you achieve a successful health and or wellness plan.  

1.    Once you contact us, an initial understanding of your needs will be established so Luxe Medical Concierge can promptly locate the highest quality alternatives for the required treatment. 

2.    Luxe Medical Concierge will perform a case assessment in order to help you reduce costs while obtaining the highest standards of quality care.

3.    Subsequently, we will provide you with a comprehensive profile of the physicians with the most aptitudes and experience for your specific procedure. This outline includes the specialist’s past education, experience and proper accreditations as well as the facility’s information. 

4.    Once you have identified a specialist you would like to work with, we can move forward with budgeting and pricing.

5.    Through a preliminary quote, we will offer you an estimate for the whole process; however, the final cost will be given to you once you have the final consultation with your specialist before traveling abroad. 

6.    Next, you will provide your physician with supportive information about your general health to determine whether the treatment is safe for you. Most physicians will ask you to fill out a questionnaire or will ask you to provide your medical history along with blood test results. 

7.    Once the chosen doctor examines your results and approves your surgery/treatment we will start the planning.

8.    We will then provide you with an agenda for your trip that you will review. If you would like to make changes, we will be happy to adjust those for you.