Is It Right For You?

A valid concern that most people have about traveling abroad for medical treatment is the legal sources available in the occurrence of a malpractice error. If this is a prevailing worry to you, then perhaps you should consider remaining in your home country, as there is no established legal framework that protects international patients to date.  It is unrealistic to expect financial remuneration in the unlikely event of medical malpractice in a foreign jurisdiction.

However, the destinations that we work with, are highly distinguished around the world for the quality of its medicine and its medical professionals. Therefore, it is imperative for these hospitals and their physicians to maintain the global brand image and great reputation that has been cultivated for decades.

Ultimately, it is important to know that there is no guarantee when undergoing any type of medical procedure regardless of the country in which the treatment is performed. Everyone’s body is distinctive and two different people may react inversely to the same procedure. Malpractices can happen abroad or at home because there is always a risk when undergoing surgery. Nevertheless, the risk will decrease when treaded by the most experienced and qualified physicians.