Medical tourism is as old as medicine. Humanity has proven to travel great distances in search of better health. Across the world, globalization has transformed the pursuit of superior health outcomes and medical tourism has become a multidirectional and eminent affair. 

Cross-border healthcare is an expanding industry and people are now opting to travel to other territories to access medical care or sophisticated diagnostic testing due to high treatment costs, excessive wait times, poor public health policies or availability in their vicinity. 

Luxe Medical Concierge is a company that assists medical travelers seeking healthcare excellence abroad for a fraction of the cost. For each procedure, we work with the up-most qualified physicians at internationally accredited and state-of-the-art medical facilities. 

Quality of care is our number one concern, followed by a safe, comfortable and relaxed experience. We add value to your medical travels by offering you an all-around élite experience through a network of skilled and ethical professionals.

At Luxe Medical Concierge we want to hold your hand through the whole process and make sure you receive a successful and positive medical procedure. This is why we assign a knowledgeable and efficient Medical Concierge Professional that will be committed to all your travel needs throughout your entire stay.